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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

13 Bad Habits I Doubt I'll Ever Break

So even though it's mid-February, it's still kind of the beginning of the year.
Still that time of fleeting hope that we can adjust our lifestyles and get rid of bad habits.
Finally start exercising and remember to floss. Stop watching so much TV, start reading more, all that stuff.
I've started making some good changes, but with my lifestyle (And by lifestyle I mean laziness/carb addiction/lack of caring), there are some things I just know I'll never do. 

Here are some Bad Habits I'm skeptical of ever breaking:

1. Eating Late at Night
You get home late from partying work, and I don't understand why it's not totally acceptable to have a little nosh! (Did I just say nosh? Who am I, Mel Brooks?)

2. Excessive Cream in My Coffee
Without copious half & half, what's the point?
And have you ever HAD a Breve Latte? Close your computer now and go get one. 

3. Facebook Stalking
I know, I know. One of my New Years Resolutions was to cut back on the FB, but I just can't help it. I love looking at that girl I knew for a week in college's Costa Rica vacation pictures, or seeing what that guy my friend met at the club the other night looks like, or browsing which-character-am-I quizzes. 

4. Wine

No explanation necessary. 

5. Self-Doubt

No matter how well I'm doing in life or how confident I feel, that lingering Self-Doubt is something that will never fully go away. 

6. Knuckle Cracking

Along with back cracking, toes, feet, and basically anything that can pop. I know they say it's bad for you... but it's just so good. 

7. Buying that "perfect" thing on my credit card
I swear, I needed those shoes.

8. Procrastinating
(put picture here)
fill this in later///

9. Skipping my workout

I WAS going to go for a run... 
But then something came up... 
On the internet...
And on my TV... 
And in my fridge... 

10. Belated Gifts

Just got engaged? Expect a congratulations card from me in about 6 months. 
It was your birthday? Good thing it comes around again next year!
Some people really hate this, but I try to look at it as if I am simply extending your celebration! 
You're welcome. 

11. Stressing out about the Future
Why can't I just know that everything will turn out fine?!

12. Spending too much time Online
I just love it so. so. much.

13. Carbs. 
Again. No Explanation Necessary. 

Ok, I'm off to NOT go for a run and eat all the pizza and wine. 


  1. I'll probably never stop buying that "perfect" thing on my credit card either!

    1. Haha Ashley - LITERALLY right as I received your comment I was filling up my shopping bag at forever 21 online... oops! Thanks for the comment! XO

  2. I do so many of these! But wine has been proven to be good for you and some guy cracked his knuckles on only one hand for years and never had problems, so are they really bad for you?

    1. Haha, thanks Alli - I tell myself those exact same things! Drinking wine at this very moment! Thanks for the comment! XO