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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Year Blogiversary!

It's here!
I am SO excited today to be celebrating Tarreyn Land's Two year anniversary!

I'm sitting here and trying to remember how the whole idea of this blog thing came about. 
It's hard to remember life before it, but considering it's only been 2 years I should be able to remember. (I know I've killed a lot of brain cells since then, but it couldn't be that many. ... right?)

I'd been a college graduate for about 6 months and the shiny excitement of the whole world-is-my-oyster phase was starting to wear off.
(Look at how sparkly my grad cap was!)

I needed a project. 

And to be honest, I'm pretty sure the whole idea was hatched from my parents because not only are they geniuses (genii (?) ) but have copious amounts of experience dealing with Tarreyn-Needs-A-Project-Syndrome. (But instead of being 2 and needing a new toy on an airplane, I was now 24 and needed some semblance of a sense of purpose.) 

And thank goodness they suggested it, because this has become such an incredibly cool, challenging and important part of my life. 
Looking back on it, I have a lot of posts and ideas from the last 2 years that I cringe at, and I have a lot of things I want to learn and work on, but there's still some stuff I'm pretty proud of, and a lot of it happened in year 2. 

Here are some exciting things that have happened over the past year:

- I was published on a few other websites including Hello Giggles and Quarter Life Conversations
- I gained a couple advertisers including being a ModCloth affiliate and started getting sponsored posts 
- I passed over 200 Facebook followers, and increased my viewership, including one month that reached 10,000 views! Wow! (I don't know who all of you people are, but I love you)
- I  learned a LOT by taking e-courses and reading how-to's and have started to learn a lot of new stuff, including how to re-write HTML code which is challenging but exciting
- I also started trying some new things like making videos and improving my photography

And I'd really like to thank all of my amazing readers (yes YOU) for your continued support and interest! 
Without all of you I'd just be spitting my bizarre thoughts into the universe to land on the internet's deaf ears. So thank you.
Thank you for your comments, for your page likes, for your sharing of articles. 
Thank you for letting me know when you like something (and for remaining pretty quiet when you don't.) 
You guys are the best.

And thanks to everyone who took my reader survey (it's not too late! You can still click that link!). It was interesting to hear your thoughts and comments, and helped me confirm some changes I've been planning on making! 

Here are some things to expect in the coming year:

Fewer Playlists that are Easier to Access:
I've received an overwhelming amount of feedback saying that the playlists are too difficult to access, and that they are too frequent, and I couldn't agree more! So that's changing! First off, there'll be fewer playlists (only 1, maybe 2 a month), so hopefully they'll be better, and secondly they will now be created through Grooveshark so anyone can stream them directly from the post at any time. I'm excited! (Mom you can listen to them now!)

More Videos:
Even though they take a little more work, I love making videos, and I was excited and overwhelmed to read that every person who took the survey wants more of them! Thanks guys! My goal is to produce at least one a month, hopefully more! 

More Photos & Personal Posts:
This year I started delving into sharing more of my personal life with you in articles about things like my travels and adventures, and I also started sharing more photos with you. And a lot of you liked it! This coming year I plan to expand on this by taking and sharing more photos, as well as keep you in the loop of more aspects of my adventures and experiences! 

New Recurring Columns:
This year I'm gonna create some new recurring columns that I hope you guys like! Not sure what they'll all be yet, but some things you can expect: a monthly cocktail recipe, some style posts, more anecdotes and *hopefully* stronger content all around! 

Thank you all much for sharing my little corner of the internet with me for a second year. 

I'm excited to see what year three brings!

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