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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Heart List 9 ~ 15 ~ 2013

DIY Clothes Rack, If Cher from "Clueless" Had Instagram, Miranda JulyThe House That Lars Built (In LOVE with this site!), Zooey Deschanel Ellen DeGenerous (All of these Videos are great!!!), Erica Weiner Jewelry, #Artlympics!, Paint-Roller Sticky Notes
Some Like it Hot (Just saw on the big screen! Best movie ever!)This Comedy Sketch, 11 Simple Things Everyone Needs to be Happy, Mandie Marie, Sharing Music with friends on Spotify! (One of my favorite things), Mint Chip Ice Cream, BOY's album Mutual Friends
Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory, Sophia Wallace and the art of Cliteracy, Jimmy Fallon's Breaking Bad parody, Wild Belle (Check out their album Isles), This Billy Zane Cookie Commercial, How do you Take Your Coffee Print Series, EJK Photo Diary 

Hope you're all having a divine weekend!

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