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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Falling for Alvin - A Tail of Love

I've never been a cat person.
Like, At all

When I was younger, our neighbors had approximately 80 million cats, all of whom would run across our roof all night long and I EFFING hated it! (And by "it" I mean them.)
I would storm outside in my pajamas and throw rocks up there to get them to stop. Not trying to hit them directly per se, but still, not the behavior of an animal lover.

Although not a big animal fan in general, I could see the interest in dogs - loyalty, company, walks, personality, all that jazz. 
But - the appeal of cats completely eluded me. 

And then I met Alvin.

And I fell completely head over heels. 
I'm in love!!! 

I'm in love!

 And I don't care who knows it! 
We're an unlikely pair, and ours is a romance that no one could have predicted.

He's a narcissist with intimacy issues, I'm a neurotic with a need to over-share.
But somehow, it works. It's crazy, but I guess sometimes love doesn't make sense. 

I've gotten a lot of questions about my recent instagram activity.
He's changed me. 
Cat-love has taught me so many things:

- He reminds me to slow down & appreciate little things, no matter how small. 

- He's taught me patience and how to take a step back when the person you're dealing with needs some alone time. 

- He reminds me to be assertive and let people know what you want while still letting them know that you care.

- He's fearless and funny and honest, qualities that everyone should possess, human, canine or otherwise. 

- And most importantly, he taught me to be less judgmental. When he would do something weird, I'd just think well, I guess that's just the kind of cat he is. And then I realized - that's how I need to deal with people! Instead of being bothered by or judgmental about the decisions people make or the way they behave, I just need to accept that that's the type of person they are and it's good that we're all different.

The day finally came where I had to return Alvin to his real family.
I was super bummed, but so happy I got to experience our time together.
Maybe my own little Alvin is in the future?

It's always nice to be reminded that love and learning new things are always around the corner, even in the most unexpected places. 

Thanks, little dude.

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