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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Credit Cards Are(n't) For

This past Mondays was one of those perfect days off.
We slept in, we went out to brunch. Then we started day drinking. And drunk shopping.
Tipsy shopping is one of my all time favorite hobbies for so many reasons.
You feel more confident, therefore you tend to make more ambitious choices. 
You have more patience to sift through things at thrift and vintage stores. 
And, you aren't as concerned about money, so you get pretty much everything you want. 
Enter Credit Cards.
I spent a big chunk of time and a big chunk of change at Buffalo Exchange (my favorite place in the world), and I found some stuff I'm in love with! 
But then again, I did get all the major pieces you see below for under $100, so I guess I wasn't too bad...
I was a little rushed in these pictures, but I'm super happy with everything I bought. 
God, I love Buffalo.
And alcohol.
And credit cards.
(I have a sheer split maxi skirt in black and I adore it! I was so excited to find one in this color AND with this print!)

Love that boy! And these yellow stripes!

Can't wait to wear this in the fall with tights and boots!

In. Love. With this vintage cowboy shirt!!! 

I may have had to put these on the credit card, but it was totally worth it! So excited to wear them all!

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