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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Discoveries XII

  • People will never cease to surprise you - and that can be good and bad
  • Sometimes being a good friend or partner means doing things you don't really wanna do
  • Calorie Counting is an eye-opening bitch
  • Dirty Laundry builds up really fast
  • Stay away from Scotch
  • Pack Light
  • Always be supportive of those around you
  • Switch out the filters on your Brita pitcher regularly
  • Friends is one of the TOP greatest television shows EVER
  • Do your best to not get upset about anything that hasn't actually happened yet
  • A Clean Car makes for a Happy Mood
  • Tweet more, Facebook Less
  • Never eat with your mouth open
  • You don't realize how much a toe matters until you break one
  • YOLO
  • It's a Scientific Fact that pieces of White Clothing are Stain Magnets
  • Relationships are wonderful but tricky business
  • Wear a Watch
  • Having a cocktail (or two) before shopping leads to excellent results
  • Receiving a good meme can really brighten up someone's day
  • Plants can give you a surprising sense of purpose
  • Do Things that Scare You!!!
  • Discover unknown bands

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