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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Heart List 3 ~ 24 ~ 2013

This List of 25 Things to Do When You're Feeling Down, Sam Shelton and her video for Dizzy, Linus Bikes, Lennon and Maisy (So. Effing. Good. LOVE THEM!!!), Ghosts Waltz (And her Stuff on Polyvore!!)
Jazz Saxophone Music, Rookie's Recipe for Twin-Peaks inspired Cherry Pie Donuts, Turkish Pillows, Coconut Cake, Gala Darling, Giant Salted Pretzels, Crown and Glory, Florence & The Machine and A$AP Rocky's "I Come Apart"
Kate Spade's New Brand Saturday (Can't wait to see it all!), Uber-Facts on Twitter, This List of Things to Make You Smile, My Little Pony Figurines, Ever+Mi.Crush, Daffodils, Bass Shoes, The Blogcademy
Rilo Kiley, one of my all time favorite bands EVER, is making a new cd together after 6 years?! AND their first single has been released!?AND the song's about one of my favorite cities and future home - Los Angeles?! AND the music video is all home footage of the band over the years?!
Yes. I needed this this week.

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