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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heart List 3 ~ 10 ~ 2013

DAYS OFF!!!, Quarter Life Conversations, Succulents, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Baking, Tea Cups, Allison Williams, These 30 Happy Facts, Russian Red M.A.C Lipstick, Loud Car Sing-Alongs
Priscilla Witte Illustration, The Impersonals, Banana Chocolate Chip Bread, Stock Flowers,  Antique Shopping, Lana Del Rey's Paradise, Pinot Noir, This Neat Article about Wanting it All in your 20s
Home Made Pizza, "Rough Guides" Travel Books, "The 32 Best Justin Timberlake Dance Moves of All Time", Watching old episodes of Sex and the City, Jelly Sandals! (They are SO BACK!)

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