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Friday, February 22, 2013

Spice Up Your Life...With Feminism

In the year 2013, The Spice Girls have become an easy target for mockery.
The clothes, the hair, the attitude, it all epitomized the cheese of the 90's. And don't even mention Spice World.

As someone who was a young girl during the height of their popularity, I'm here to tell you that they were way more than just a pop band. They are feminist icons. 
The Spice Girls instilled positive morals & sense of confidence in young girls all over the planet. And although they didn't coin the term girl power, they certainly embodied everything it meant.  They maintained femininity and individuality and proved that 'girliness' and gender equality were not exclusive from each other. 

Their music promotes not only the demand of being treated well by men, but also unity and loyalty amongst girlfriends. Need I remind you - If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

While their different personas (Sexy, Baby, Etc) can be viewed as male fantasy types, I argue that they made the point that girls are all different, but that our differences make us stronger - not separate us.

Along with highlighting girl power with their lyrics and personas, they exhibited it with their entrepreneurial actions. They didn't just produce music and (amazing) movies, they had dolls, clothes, shoes, polaroids! They did it all!

In a time in my life when I was more focused on keeping my giga pet alive than any serious self development, they were embedding positive messages in my subconscious, setting me up with the foundation to be the feministic lady I am today. They helped me see the importance of friendship and girl loyalty, taught me to support other women and to demand respect from any man interested in me (not that that was an issue until I was about 17...). 

So thanks, Spice Girls. YGG.

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