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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

Well, gang - it's here!
Pop the champagne, break out the cupcakes, put on something sparkly!

Today marks Tarreyn Land's ONE YEAR anniversary! 
Woooooo Hoooooo!!!!

Thank you all so so much. Without a steadily increasing interest from my readers, I'm not sure I would have as successfully accomplished my goal of blogging every day for an entire year. And because of that steadily increasing interest from you guys, you've given me the enthusiasm to keep going!

I know that certain changes will happen in Tarreyn Land in this new year, but I'm not totally positive what they should or will be yet. To start figuring things out, I want YOU GUYS to answer a survey I've created!


In this I ask you things you like, things you don't like, changes you think would be effective. It's only nine simple questions and really won't take you very long, so please fill it out, I'd really appreciate it! 

Thanks again so much! 

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