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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Lovin!

I am sitting on my balcony, watching the sunset and sipping a beer. And all of a sudden - I'm COLD! I actually need to go inside and grab a sweater!!!
For anyone reading this North or East of me, I'm sure you're A) Mind-Boggled that it's taken this long for coldness, B) Shaking your fist at me in jealousy, or C) Thinking I'm a wuss for needing a sweater in the low 70s.
However, despite confusion or refute - Winter is Here!!
With winter not only comes hats and scarves and tights and boots and all the countless fabulous hot spiked drinks, but also CHRISTMAS! And NEW YEARS!
It's so funny that the coldest season is associated with the most warmth of spirit. 
I love winter so so much.
I love Christmas lights and carols and stuffing. I'm mad about thinking of the perfect presents for people and fires and seeing people in from out of town. 
The sun is setting earlier, noses and cheeks are getting rosy, and the air smells crisp and toasty. It's time for hot coffee and good books, for blankets and good company. It's time for Muppets and Jimmy Stewart. 
Be prepared - the next month will include TONS of Christmas and winter related posts! Seriously - I've already compiled THREE hours of Christmas music. You're welcome in advance.
Happy happiest of winters!

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