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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Zen

My brain is all over the place all the time. Constantly hyperactive, and accelerated by countless daily does of caffeine, I can never seem to calm my mind. 
In various efforts to zen out and calm down, I've tried meditation, yoga, and more, but nothing seems to stick.
However, today as I was driving to my coffee shop around the corner, I had an epiphany! - I realized that I have had my own special kinds of zen all along! 
They may not be traditional, and they might be slightly more consumer-driven than most zen-masters would appreciate, but I have discovered what my ways to zen out are:
  • Morning Coffee: Whether it's the process of making my own, pouring the grounds and boiling the water, or driving or walking to a nearby coffee shop, the process of getting to my AM caffeine is a peaceful one that I always enjoy the process of and allows me to clear my mind when I wake up. 
  • Driving to Music: I love driving. And I LOVE listening the music. Put the two together, and I am flyin high on a zen buzz. 
  • Pinterest: I'm on the computer A LOT. Writing, playlisting, reading, researching, you name it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and need to take some time to peacefully zone out and center my tech-self. This is when I turn to pinterest. I can spend hours pinning, liking and admiring. Sure, sometimes it has a tendency to make me feel broke, hungry and unfashionable, but then I counteract it by finding awesome stuff to do, make and wear! And another component of my zen is inspiration and productivity.
  • Running: I have very recently gotten into running, and I love it! (Except for the days when I hate it)  There's something about my feet meeting the ground or treadmill in energetic rhythm that calms me. Combine that with my power running jam beats amping me up at the same time, and I am feelin great! (The massive amounts of endorphins don't hurt either...)
  • Thrift Shopping: Shopping in general calms and refuels me, but with thrift shopping there is a particular focus that's required. It's probably a similar type of concentration that hunters or fisherman have - slowly and patiently scouring the racks for the perfect piece of clothing puts my mind at ease and my sartorial soul into surplus glee. Put me in a Buffalo Exchange and I can be in a fashionable meditative state in no time.

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