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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If I Had Magic Powers...

  • Wine would have no calories
  • I could make people stop humming in public
  • Cereal would stay crunchy the whole bowl
  • Every single episode of every TV show I love would be streaming on Netflix
  • My car would always have a full tank
  • I could play any instrument I wanted
  • The carpets in my apartment would be spotless
  • Jon Hamm would be my neighbor
  • I would get the tan of a bronze goddess
  • I'd have the Fonzy effect on Photobooths and Jukeboxes 
  • Pants would properly fit me
  • Stuart Little would be real
  • I would understand numbers
  • Flowers would stay fresh for weeks
  • Bread and Cheese would have no calories
  • I wouldn't be clumsy
  • Lightbulbs and batteries would never die
  • I'd have an unlimited iTunes account
  • I'd have unlimited airplane miles
  • I would be friends with Billy Zane
  • My nails would always be perfectly polished
  • Dishes and laundry would do themselves
  • I would be photogenic in every picture
  • Chocolate would have no calories
  • I could learn a new language in a day
  • I could properly (and symmetrically) cut my own bangs
  • I'd have a magic dog
  • I would be a marathon runner
  • My veins would be easy to find when I donate blood
  • Tom Jones and Neil Diamond would sing at my parties
  • I could time travel
  • I would have Red Bull on tap
  • I would be immune to sickness and speeding tickets
  • I could surf and skateboard
  • I would have won Elizabeth Taylor's 70s jumpsuit at auction
  • I would wear Elizabeth Taylor's jumpsuit every day
  • I could fly.

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