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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HBO Woah

So... I just got HBO Go...
It's basically the best thing ever.
Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me hack your cable account to make this happen.
You made dreams come true. 
Thanks to HBO GO, I can do anything. 

I can sink my teeth into new True Blood episodes - Eric, you beautiful, beautiful Swedish dream boat. You can be my maker.

I can adventure into twenty-something misadventures with Girls. Lena Dunham, you fucking ROCK.

I'm gonna finally get to explore the twisted polygamist world of Big Love. I'm super excited to see that treasure seeker from Titanic deal with three chickadees.

Steve Buschemi, I really don't buy you as a gangster, but I love you and am willing to give you a chance.

Game of Thrones, now is where I give you a second chance.

You too, Tony Soprano.

I get to watch all the mini-series I've been hearing about for years and haven't seen - I'm lookin at you loco Drew Barrymore...

And the comedy specials! And the movies! SO many Romantic Comedies! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh joy, oh merriment, oh HOURS of wasted time, I am SO effing stoked. If any of you have a way of accessing HBOGo and haven't yet, go forth and get your HBO on. It's not TV. It's awesome.

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