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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Is Group Dancing So Fun?

           Last night I went to a wedding of two friends of mine. It was a blast. As weddings tend to do, it got me thinking about a lot of big life things - marriage, moves, jobs... group dancing. I LOVE group dancing. Ya know like the electric slide? Obviously I'm not alone because every group dance number that came on the sound system last night, the floor was mobbed with eager macarena-ers or cha cha sliders. 
What is it about group dancing that is SO much fun?!
           The bane of misery for every DJ, group dancing provides so much merriment for party goers. With glee, we finish off our glasses of open bar wine and rush to the dance floor. 
My particular favorite moment was when, 5 years behind the rest of the planet, I finally learned the Cupid Shuffle. And let me tell you: I can now step to the right and left with the best of them. 
           There's also something historically traceable about it. People have always loved to dance in groups. You know that cavemen rocked group dancing around the newly invented fire. French royalty boisterously enjoyed the Gavotte or the Rigaudon or the Musette. Flappers and bootleggers Charlestoned the heck outta the 20s. Nowadays we don't learn group dances the way we used to (aside from that fantastic square-dancing week in elementary school). There is no opportunity for Mr. Darcy to swoop into the waltz across from us, or to catch the eye of a Montegue during a Coranto. 
           But - we do have wedding dances. On average, through our mid-twenties we get to stomp our feet and clap our hands a couple times a year. Let's embrace the macarena and the boot scootin boogie. Let's rock out to the cupid shuffle and cha cha slide. Maybe we can forget the chicken dance and the conga line... 
           But hey, if you want to, rock out to those. Nobody puts baby in a corner. 

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