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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank You, Mr. President

           What happened in the oval office this week was too awesome to ignore. In a crucial re-election stage, Barack Obama became the first ever sitting U.S. president to openly support gay marriage. It rocked. 
From Barack Obama's Instagram

If you haven't seen the video of the president's interview, check it out below:
           Obama's announcement was very important to me because I am in off-the-charts favor of Gay marriage. Every single person should be allowed the right to marry the person they love. Period. Any position other than that is driven from a place of bigotry, fear and hate. 
           I am not alone in my appreciation of our president this week. Millions of Americans across the country both gay and straight feel this is the right thing to do. Americans like Ellen DeGeneres.

           I just want to say thanks, Barack. Thank you for acknowledging that all American citizens should have equal rights. Thank you for recognizing that love and commitment know no gender, no race, no superficial restrictions. 
           Thank you for understanding that "traditional" values should consist of nothing besides equality, humanity and compassion. 
           Thank you for spreading tolerance, understanding and kindness. 
           Thank you for your ceaseless focus on what needs to be done in America.
           Thank you for your perpetual eloquence and unflinching courage in the face of innumerable critics and haters. Thank you for bringing an unprecedented amount of class and cool to the Oval Office. 

Barack On. 


  1. This makes me extremely happy as well! So glad that this country is on the way for equality for EVERYONE!

    1. Thank you for the shout out and support! Yay equality!

  2. I think it'd important, too, to thank Joe Biden! Although I'm sure Barack would have made this announcement sooner or later, it was good ole Joe speaking his mind that played a big role in Barack's announcement.

    1. Absolutely! Way to go, Biden! Thanks, Sar!