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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things To Do Today

It's Saturday! It's Spring! I was thinking of all the wonderful things to do on a day like today! Here are some suggestions:

~ Listen to some Bon Iver
~ Eat some Trader Joes Chocolate Covered Almonds
~ Buy or pick some fresh flowers
~ Go for a bike ride
~ Drink an icy cool pint of a wheat beer
~ Blow bubbles
~ Go to the beach or lake
~ Have a picnic
~ Take a trip to the zoo
~ Go for a cup of iced coffee
~ Play Tourist in your own City
~ Bake some cupcakes
~ Watch cartoons
~ Play board games
~ Go for a hike
~ Take some pictures
~ Jump rope or draw with sidewalk chalk
~ Buy some seersucker
~ Paint your nails
~ Eat an ice cream cone
~ Go to a baseball game
~ Have a slumber party
~ Hang some twinkle lights
~ Listen to or watch your favorite guilty-pleasure music or movie
~ Have a BBQ
~ Go thrift shopping
~ Paint some watercolors
~ Play mini golf or laser tag or do go-carts

Have an amaaazzzziinnngggg Day!

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