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Friday, April 13, 2012

How To Have A Happy Morning

Today I had The BEST morning! It was one of those mornings where I did all the things I've been wanting to do every morning for years but never got around to, and after the positive effects of today, I'm gonna try my absolute best to keep it up! 
Some of this stuff I've talked to you about before, and some of it is pretty obvious, but I'm putting together all of my energizing and and happiness morning tips to help you have great mornings too! I've also included some bonus how-to's and special treats to help start your day off right!
Here are the things I did and that I recommend: 

You know how I feel about making the bed. Make It. Right when you get up! It will give you some time to get the sleep outta your eyes and prevent you from getting back under the covers. Plus it makes your room look much tidier a crisp for the whole day!
Drink a large glass of cold water. It helps wake you up and kick starts your metabolism for the day!
Open the blinds and let in that sunshine! An instant mood-booster, natural light helps you wake up and supports positive energy. Unlike florescent or incandescent lighting, when sunlight enters your eyes, it makes your brain release serotonin which amps up your mood and energy!
Put music on! Music has been proven to improve your mood and amp up your energy! Some research has shown that workers who listened to classical music improved their energy and creativity! I love so many different kinds of music and there's so many fun songs to wake you up, I couldn't resist making a playlist! So for a little AM treat, Here it is!

WAKE UP! A get-you-going playlist!
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Not only do I love coffee, but I love the zen-like experience of making it. I use a plastic filter and just put it over the mug, so the steps of boiling the water, putting in the paper filter and filling it with grounds, and pouring the water in repeatedly is calming and helps me create a kind of coffee-meditation. 
While brewing my coffee, I rolled out the yoga mat! While jamming out to your tunes and smelling that sweet coffee, try some Sun Salutation yoga moves. I did 3 in a row and it felt amazzzinnngg and took very little time! It wakes you up, warms you up, and connects your mind and body to approach the day!
BONUS HOW-TO: How To Do Sun Salutations!!! Click Here! This site has fantastic easy breakdowns of hundreds of yoga moves!  
Eat breakfast! We all know it's the most important meal of the day, but it's also important to take that time! Read a book, talk to your sweetheart, read the paper. Use breakfast as your time to awaken your mind!
Along the lines of waking up your mind, something that's part of my morning routine that I love are page-a-day calendars! I have 2! I have The Happiness Project page-a-day on my night stand, and we have a Trivia one in the kitchen! I love waking up each morning and learning new pieces of wisdom or trivia or ideas. My honey and I like to quiz each other over coffee! These calendars are great - they have everything from cats to famous artwork to games to history and more! 
Take these ideas into account, but do all the little things that will brighten your morning! Take your pup for a walk, make a smoothie, sit on your patio, go for a jog, watch The View, eat some chocolate cake, paint some watercolors, take a bubble bath, anything you want! Just take the time each morning to seize the day! It's your day!

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