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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Web Love

I have had a ton of fun findings online this week, and am on overload of cool stuff to share with you guys! So today's free day is a bunch of neato things to try, eat, make, wear, learn & more! Enjoy!!!

*Need Inspiration?*
Piccsy is a great site that contains tons of beautiful and awesome viewer submitted photos. You can scroll through rad shots and get inspired or put a smile on your face. Get more involved by picking your favorites and sharing!
Cakes. In Mugs. In Minutes. What more need I say?! This list includes everything from pumpkin cake to nutella cake to cookie dough to even a gluten-free recipe! Check it out! ~disclaimer: I haven't tried these myself yet, so if they don't turn out sorry!
I stumbled across this list the other day on a blog called "destination unknown." It is 25 helpful ideas for everything from organizing to hostessing to crafts to food and more! It's a little hit & miss, but the cool ones are really neat! I especially loved #23, a memory jar!
This tasty recipe site gathers up all the top rated and top discussed recipes from all over the internet. It collects the best new recipes from major popular food sites and the favored menu items from various social networking sites.
This website, The Beauty Department, is a cute site that has a bunch of different beauty tips and ideas. Pay particular attention to the tutorial section, and more specifically mani Mondays! So many cute nail tips and ideas!
This cute and helpful blog is STUFFED with tips on every kind of organization, ways to spruce up the home, fun projects and more! It veers towards being a little family oriented, but has super helpful stuff for anyone interested!
This website, Polyvore, takes really cool outfit pairings from all over and tells readers where they can find them! My personal favorite was the section on which Mad Men girl are you? - Find where to get your favorite Betty, Joan or Peggy outfits!
I found this website called Serious Eats and it's got a lot of neat stuff, specifically recipes and a bunch of reviews and articles about different eateries across the country. My favorite section is the one on drinks with everything from beer guides to coffee info to a recipe for a delicious jalapeno martini!
Gnoosic is a website that helps you find new music you don't know about! By typing in some of your favorite artists, and going through a screening process of likes and dislikes, the site helps you discover new music that you're bound to like! Woo! If that weren't cool enough, it also generates recommendations for books and movies!
Every day, the Daily Beast has a photo of the day, which is always pretty cool and interesting. I usually look every couple weeks and catch up on a bunch of daily shots. The Daily Beast is also a really fabulous news source!
The Fit Cook, a fabulous blog about making tasty healthy things is fantastic for anyone looking for good and good-for-you meals and snacks! SO many great tips and recipes, and so accessible and easy! Author Luisana Suegart's writing is warm and welcoming, and makes cooking sound fun while understanding the struggle to stay slim! I highly recommend it!
You've probably seen these funny ecards all over facebook and other places, but they're so much fun I had to check them out. Tell someone you're thinking of them or send a hello with one of these fun, illustrated, cheeky cards!

Whew! Hopefully you find some of these fun or helpful! I know I've certainly been enjoying them!

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