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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Frame Earring Holder

Today's craft is a fun, cheap and cute way to organize and display your earrings! For any boys out there, sub in a wider kind of wire and you can use it to hang watches or cuff links! 
- 1 Picture frame (you don't need glass, so check for cheap ones at a thrift store)
- Wire Mesh/ Window Screen big enough to fill frame window(You can find it at a hardware store)
- Piece of fabric of your choice - choose a fun one! Lace, stripes, print!
- Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors (and maybe wire clippers depending on what kind you use)
How To Make It:
1. Prepare the picture frame: Whatever you need to do to get the frame ready. Sand it, paint it, stencil, hang ribbon on the back for mounting, what-have-you.
2. Hot Glue the mesh screen to cover the space inside the frame where the glass would lie. Let dry and trim off any excess screen.
3. On the back of the frame, Hot Glue your fabric around the window

Hang on the wall or prop up on your dresser and enjoy! Remember to think outside the box - pick a fun fabric, glue fake flowers or jewels around the side, add little hooks along the bottom for even more storage!
Have Fun!

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