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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photo Tree

Welcome to Craft Day!
            As a photographer and a nostalgia-holic, I am always looking for new fun ways to display pictures around the house! If you love displaying photos too, or are in need of a fun new decoration, this is a great way to exhibit your favorite memories! Today’s craft is an incredibly easy, totally cheap, fun way to show off your beloved shots! <3


- a dead tree branch with lots of little arms, or several long ones
- colored cardstock (you can find in any scrapbooking section)
- scissors (and a ruler if you want real precision)
- copies of your pictures
- glue stick or tape
- twine, ribbon or thread

* Some kind of vessel to hold it – If you don’t have one, I recommend going to a thrift shop & picking up a sweet old vase, jar or tin to hold it! I used a carafe! 

What you do:

1. Tape or glue your photo to a square of cardstock.
2. Cut around the cardstock to fit your photo.
3. Loop & knot ribbon into a loop about roughly twice the width of the branch.
4. Tape loop to the back of the picture. Keep in mind that different lengths also add variety to the look.
5. Put your branch(es) in the holding vessel, and creatively arrange your pictures on the branches.
6. Admire!

(This is mine! I used mini polaroids, a wavy-cut pair of scissors & tied satin ribbon to the base of the branch in the carafe)

* Also, think outside the box! – If you want to add glitter, sequins, stickers, cut the edges in funky designs, make little ribbon frames around the pictures on the paper, spray paint your branch gold, go for it! Have a combination of black & white and color pictures! Fill your vase up with marbles! Use different colored ribbons for every shot! Put pictures on both sides so it can be viewed from multiple angles! OR draw or write little notes or memories on the back too! Make it as unique as your memories are!

Have a Fantastic Thursday and check back next week for a new fun craft!

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  1. victoriaburke@comcast.netJanuary 19, 2012 at 10:31 PM

    You rock, girlie! I love this idea and am going to copy you on it! Thanks for sharing!