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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Intentions List

WTF, 2015?
JUNE already? 
I thought this was the year I was going to get my shit together and conquer the world
I thought by this point in time I would be dominating
But once again, life has consumed me and goals have slipped through the cracks. 
It's not too late. 
The glass is six months full. 
I've still got half the year to get it together. And that's what I'm gonna do. 
I've made a list of important things to try to integrate into my life. 
I'm no longer calling them resolutions because that word is aggressive and connotative and makes me feel like a failure. I read the term Personal Intentions the other day, and I'm way into it. That has a better ring. 

So. Here are my mid-year personal intentions:
  • More water. Less wine. 
  • More writing. Less Hulu. 
  • Stop talking about all of your hobbies and actually do them. Your ukulele is gathering dust, your DSLR is getting rusty. 
  • Perpetuate positivity - be the nicer version of yourself I know is somewhere in there. 
  • Take classes, meet people, go to seminars, try new things. 
  • Hunt down another pair of Eddie Bauer 90's cut-offs. If they really are the only thing you're going to wear all summer, (which it looks like they are), ebay the shit out of them. 
  • Start putting money into your savings account again. Seriously. 10 bucks a check. 
  • Have the bank reinstate your savings account. 
  • Call your grandma at least once a week. 
  • Find a way to get images printed really really big (for really really cheap) and hang a cool gallery wall. 
  • Get off the fucking internet. 
  • Get a fucking oil change. 
  • Buy a damn dresser & get rid of half your clothes before filling it up. 
  • Embrace hiking and eat fruit. 
  • While you're at it, pump the breaks on the breakfast taco habit. 
  • Go to the beach and actually go in the ocean. 
  • Buy peonies as much as possible
  • Exercise for sanity, not vanity. 
  • (But also, drop some pounds.) 
  • Sing and dance more.
  • Learn how to make GIFs (of you singing and dancing) 
  • Stop dilly dallying over every single decision in your life. When you're presented with an opportunity, trust your gut instinct, go with it, and don't look back. You're just wasting time and energy lamenting over everything this much. 
  • Read. 
  • Have people over. 
  • Have people over for a fondue party. 
  • Learn how to make fondue. 
  • Join a club. 
  • Invest in a really nice scented candle.
  • Invest in a new pair of shoes.
  • Invest in your career. 
  • Say No. 
  • Say Yes.
Let's do this. 

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