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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Things I Learned At Work Today

I love my job.
I get to dress up in costumes and sing and dance and make people smile and it's the best.
But sometimes we have really long days in a small room crammed together and we get a little bored backstage and a little loopy. 
Today was one of those days.
Here are some of the things I learned:

  • Writer's Block is a BITCH
  • Car tires are like feet, and that every time you hit a curb it's like stubbing a toe, and that eventually breaks your foot
  • You Can't Always Get What You Want
  • Just because a book is a best-seller doesn't mean it's for you
  • Learn what's under your control, let go of the rest. 
  • Slow internet is a BITCH
  • DID YOU KNOW that in Uno, when you don't have a card to play, you only draw ONE??? I always thought it was draw until you get a playable one. Right?!? Wrong.
  • I may have a compulsive need to be right...
  • It is really fun to have musical friends and make up songs in 4 part harmony
  • If you're wearing blue jeans with a hole in the butt and wearing navy underpants to hide it, make sure the underpants and hole line up
  • People will make fun of you if you call them underpants
  • It is not attractive to be jealous when the sister of your boyfriend's 8th grade girlfriend sits in the front row..
  • Some people think it's acceptable to answer a phone call & have a whole conversation in the front row of a play. (In case you're one of those people - It's NOT.)
  • As much as I try to pretend, a vegetable juice is NO replacement for pizza
  • If I was industrious, here are the things I would make for St. Patricks Day: Irish Soda Bread Scones with Whiskey ButterIrish Whiskey Affogato!Chocolate Whiskey CakeIrish Beer and Cheese Bread
  • It takes a surprisingly short amount of time to do 150 legs lifts and 50 crunches
  • It's surprisingly painful to do 150 leg lifts and 50 crunches
  • ...Ok. I did 30 crunches. But it still hurt. 
  • And sometimes when you're bored you create things like a character called The Wine Gremlin

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