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Friday, February 7, 2014

Shake It Up!

Guys, it's happened - I've become a Juicer.
Or I guess more like a shaker. Or 
No matter what we're calling it, I'm here today to drop some mad knowledge on you today.
I have become obsessed with making these juice-shake-smoothie mixes. 
Whatever it is, I am SO into it. 
After a friend convinced me to get on the juice-train recently, so I went out and bought the NUTRIBULLET 900! (Not the first of my impulsive, expensive Bed Bath & Beyond purchases)

Lemme give you a little NutriBullet 101:
It's not a juicer. - Juicers spit out the pulp of your fruits and veggies, which (from what I'm told) is the most important part!!
It's not a blender. - Blenders just mix things together without maintaining the nutrients. 
This thing turns regular food into SUPERFOOD!
I've read good things about the regular nutribullet, which is also $50 less, but I chose to get the 900 because it's the one my friend recommended, and has more power (you can throw basically anything into this baby and it will blend). 

ANYWAY. Moving on from my infomercial.

I decided to start juicing blending extracting because I'm really focusing on getting healthier and putting more conscious food into my body. 
And apparently basically everyone who's ever juiced loses like 83 pounds and lives to be 105. Just sayin. 

I've been replacing one meal a day with a nutriblast (Their term, not mine) for the last week and a half or so.  And the results have been interesting.
After the first couple days which involved being STARVING, I've started to level out. 

I definitely feel healthier, but it's taken some getting used to. 

Things I've Learned:

1. The first few days of replacing food-food with a juice are a roller-coaster of emotions. You're hungry and your body is like give me foooooodddd and you might get really cranky (and might take it out on those nearest you. Sorry guys.) BUT - it gets better, and your body gets used to it and THEN your body's like Yeah, Man! GIVE ME VEGGIIIIEEEEES!
2. Put Banana or Avocado in EVERYTHING! It makes things way creamier and better, and makes you feel like you're not just drinking kale water. Peanut Butter amps it up too.
3. It's definitely better right away, but taking them to go and having them for a meal later is awesome if you have a fridge to keep them in. 
4. The powder stuff you can get to put in them (flax, protein powder, maca, all that jazz) does make a difference in how you feel and how filling they are. 
5. I know it looks weird to drink all this green stuff, but it's actually kinda awesome. 
6. It's been important for me to have really crunchy snacks so I have the chewing sensation that's missing from the replaced meal. 
7. Berries, Berries, Berries!

Dump ingredients in nutribullet. Blend. Enjoy.

Here's the deal with the Nutriblasts.

Put in 50% Leafy Greens & Veggies, 50% Fruit. 
Then you add whatever kind of powders/grains/add-ins you want.
Then throw in some almond or rice milk, some water and you're good to go! 

I tested out a bunch of different blends for you to try if you're so inclined.
(NOTE: I would assume most of these will work in a blender/magic bullet/food processor. But I can't say for certain, and if yours breaks while trying this, I renounce all responsibility.)

1. Erin's Blast
This was invented by my friend Erin and is a great breakfast, very smooth & filling!
Ingredients: Banana / Stalk of Celery / Handful of Spinach / Rice or Almond Milk / Tablespoon of Peanut Butter / Powder

Energy Boost: 
This is a good one for an energy boost. It's also nice an citrusy, so tastes a little more sweet. For an extra kick, add some maca or boost like that!
Ingredients: Pear / Almonds / Spinach / Pineapple / Avocado/Maca Powder

Green Machine:
This is my favorite one I tried, and I've been having some version of this most days. (Take this recipe but swap the pear for strawberries & blueberries & it's my JAM!)
It's the creamiest (Hello banana AND avocado!), and feels like a real super-food. 
Ingredients: Kale / Spinach / Avocado / Cucumber / Green Apple / Banana / Rice or Almond Milk / (Super Powders.)

After making all of these, and trying out a carillon different blends, here is the combo I've landed on as my every day fave:
- 1/2 an Avocado
- 1 small/med Banana
- 1 small cucumber
- Handfull of Spinach
- Stalk of Kale
- Blueberries
- Strawberries
- Almond Milk
- Flaxseed Powder & The Nutribullet SuperBoost powder

I ALSO did a bunch of research in blog world and found some other articles that are great for reference:

-  This Recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny (She herself is a newly-found juice maniac)

- Deliciously Ella's Favorite Green Smoothie

- I also yanked a bunch of recipes from A Beautiful Mess since they are also big on juicing and smoothies. I started with Juicing 101 and looked at Their 5 Day Green Smoothie Challenge , and Six Fresh Juice Recipes

Got any good juicing/shake tips? Send them my way!!


  1. About the ONLY way I can get Kale down is via a smoothie/juice. Tried it as a salad underpinning and it's very bitter.

    Good luck in your juicing!

    1. I hated Kale until this year myself! Definitely better in a shake! BUT - another way I like it is if you rub it with avocado and lemon juice for salads! Yum!