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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Selfish Genie Wishes

Remember when Aladdin came out and we all spent the next 20 couple years wishing and praying for a genie of our own? (and rocking 2 piece Jasmine outfits? No? Just me?) 
So maybe I've never stopped thinking about that. (I have, however, wisely ceased "rocking"  two-piece Arabian garb.)

I don't mean to sound like a brat, but it is kind of a bummer sometimes to realistically think about a Genie granting you wishes because if you asked for the things you really, selfishly wanted, you'd be a total jerk. (And yes I realize that realistically thinking about Genies may not be the best use of my time.)

And obviously, if I was confronted by a GENIE (especially one that sounded like Robin Williams! WOAH), I would (after making sure I wasn't tripping on something), wish for things like World Peace and health for all my loved ones and all that. 
Of course.

BUT - since this entire situation is a hypothetical (I'm willing to be proven wrong, genies of the world), I thought I'd take a moment to consider my actual selfish wishes. 
(Potentially the best use of my photoshop skills to date.)

My Three Selfish Genie Wishes (Accompanied by some pretty impressive visuals):

1. To Have Beyoncé's Body with Zero Effort

AKA have a bod that won't quit while having to do none of the work to maintain it. 
Woah gang.

2. Teleportation 
(With the ability to bring someone with me)
In the mood for Paris? BAM! I'm there. A Beach in Thailand? PRESTO! My wanderlust, hatred for traffic, impatience and habitual tardiness would all be solved in one fell swoop! 
(This was my favorite picture that the google image search for teleportation yielded.)
(PS - Who in the world would visit Stamford in their top 3 [apparently naked] teleportation visits?)

3. Limitless Money
Does this Need an explanation other than I could do and pursue WHATEVER I WANTED?!
I think not. 
(Another Google Gem)

What would you guys wish for?

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