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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Missed Connection

Missed Connection - Central - W4M

When: The Randolph Running Loop, 1pm Wednesday

You: Long and lean, with caramel complexion and large, loving brown eyes

Me: Pink shirt and brown ponytail, blasting the Blurred Lines remix from my headphones

Hey There - 

Thought we had a connection on the track today. 

You caught my eye about Half a mile away, and as we got closer, our gazes met.

You were with another woman, but I know there was something between us.

As we got closer we both slowed our paces. 

You started to cross into my side of the track, but she pulled you away.

As we crossed each other, you stopped & turned to look at me, and I turned back and we held eye contact that seemed to slow time. 

I could tell your girl had you on a tight leash & she tugged you away, and that was the end of it.

But as you barked & wagged your tail, I knew it was love.

If there's anyway you see this, contact me & I'll come find you.

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  1. Well-played Tarreyn, well-played...