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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Heart List 12 ~ 22 ~ 2013

 TIME's 30 under 30, This Video of Graffiti Artists Being Left Alone in an empty space with Unlimited Paint, Making Christmas Presents & Wrapping Paper (I'm using this how-to for potato stamps!), MIMOSAS!!!, This Post from Earlier in the Week
Amy Poehler & Bill Eichner as Christmas Carolers, YouTube's 2013 Rewind, This Beautiful Father-Daughter Photo Series, Which Christmas Character are You?, Finishing my Christmas Shopping, 33 Ways to eat more Nutella
This Sneaky Link to Beyonce's Videos, The Mental Age Test, This Christmas Tree Cake Tutorial (It had me at Sheet Cake), Which Hunger Games character are you?, Keurig Machines! (we got one at work and I'm in LOVE!), Beyonce being Amazing
And, of course, EVERYTHING CHRISTMAS!!!!!

What are you loving right now?!

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