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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marry me, Ferry.

I don't know if you've been checking out my playlists lately or not, but I am ALL about Bryan Ferry.
He's my new true love. 

My parents have been huge Roxy Music fans for forever, and it's always been vaguely in my auditory peripherals, but it took an interview with Sofia Coppola about her music taste to launch me into my full-fledged mania. 

She referenced his version of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" (you may have seen this on THREE of my playlists...), and as soon as I heard it, I was obsessed. 

And when I obsess, I obsess. 

That voice! That look! The hair! Those suits! Those moves! The sparkles!


Just what I needed - another British 80s singer to be gaga over. 
(Don't worry Morrissey, you still my bu.) 

He has transitioned from 70's lead singer all the way on to Jay-Z's Great Gatsby soundtrack! He's timeless!
He's got style, he's got taste, he's got a sense of humor. 
Can you ask for more than this? 

AND he does all my favorite things! Covers! New Wave! Jazz Age! Dance Music! Standards! Orchestral! Re-Mixes! Is there anything he can't do?! 
... Other than see that we're meant to be together?

Sure, he's 68, and spent a long time rocking more earrings than I'm comfortable with, but we can work through that. 
He's so sensitive and understanding. (Except for that one time he married his son's ex-girlfriend... We're just gonna forget about that little blip...)

And anyone who can rock a bowtie and leather jacket at the same time is destined to be with me!
I'll sip coffee while he rocks out on the synthesizer. 
He'll take me to movie premiers and I'll help him coif his hair. 
I'll learn how to tie his bowties for his tuxedos and he'll find my self-depricating humor and clumsiness irresistible. 

Oh well. 
I guess I'll go dance away the heartache. 

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