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Friday, September 20, 2013

47 Things I Know to be True

I don't know everything. 
In fact, a lot of the time I feel like I know absolutely nothing and am drowning in self doubt and panic. However - there are certain things in life that I know to be absolutely true. Things that are frighteningly easy to forget sometimes and fulfilling to remember. 
 These are some of them. 
  1. Don't take it personally
  2. Never marry a man who A) Adjusts himself blatantly in public B) Doesn't buy you flowers C) Ever makes you doubt your amazingness
  3. Pick your battles
  4. You generally have to suck at something for a while before you get really good. Be patient. And practice. 
  5. Tip well & Support local businesses
  6. Gas Station donuts always look better than they taste. And that's a metaphor for life. 
  7. If you can't say it to their face, do not send it in a text message or email
  8. People are awesome. We do amazing things.
  9. Pizza is meant to be eaten frequently, and with your hands
  10. Do/Buy/Wear fancy things for no reason. 
  11. Trust your opinion and your voice. 
  12. Two immediate mood boosters are Exercise and Champagne
  13. Always be learning
  14. Like what you like. Even if it is popular/cliche/cheesy/overdone/bad. It makes you happy!
  15. Don't dig for compliments. Earn them. AND be truly happy for others when they receive them.
  16. Alone time is very very important. 
  17. Applaud loudly
  18. Merlot is an uncommitted grape
  19. It's only money
  20. Don't give a fuck what other people think. You'll be a lot happier. 
  21. 90% of success is made of discipline & a good attitude
  22. Never sigh or groan when asked to do something
  23. Drive the way you would want your children to
  24. Making out is fun
  25. Remember people's birthdays
  26. Guilt is not a productive way to get people to want to do things
  27. Karma is very, very real. 
  28. Every time you think a nice thought about someone - tell them.
  29. In every moment, you have a choice
  30. Hammocks are the best. 
  31. Treat no two people the same way
  32. Panic Attacks do eventually pass
  34. People can change, but never expect them to 
  35. Watch your thoughts - they become your words and then your actions
  36. 5 minutes is fashionably late. Anything later requires a text and apology.
  37. When you get irritated, remember what you were like at that age
  38. Don't fear self-help books! (But it's also ok to buy them only on your kindle so people in public don't see what specific personal element of your life you need help with.)
  39. Start your morning with coffee & music, end your day with a nightcap and TV on dvd. 
  40. DO NOT LIE! (Unless it's a white lie to spare someone's feelings. That's ok.)
  41. If Amy Poehler said it, it's 100% true and awesome. 
  42. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself
  43. Sometimes you Need to have the kind of night that makes you fall asleep in all your clothes and makeup. 
  44. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions
  45. If you're good at something, never do it for free
  46. Some Like it Hot is the greatest comedy ever made
  47. Lead an intentional life. 

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