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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Defense of Consumerism (Alternate Title: A Justification of Questionable Life Decisions)

I effing love shopping. 
I love fashion and clothes and allowing my style to reflect my mood and personality.
I also happen to have expensive taste, gladly spending 60$ for a shirt or $200 on a pair of jeans. 
It just makes me happy.

HOWEVER - Everything I read about happiness and personal fulfillment says that one should not seek personal achievement or contentment from objects or stuff.

Eff. That.

Right here and now I am declaring my own rules for happiness - buy whatever you want. Whenever you want.
(Within some reason, obviously. Don't become anorexic to pay for a headband... And don't go into debt...unless it's super reasonable...)

NFL player Terell Owens has a quote that I swear by:
"When I dress good, I feel good.
When I feel good, I Play Good.
When I play good, they pay me good."

Well, in theory we are all paid to "play good" because when we are in a more positive state of mind, we are more efficient, productive and pleasant to be around in both work and social settings. 

By that logic, if I have the means to buy a pair of high waisted jeans to totally make my week, then I should live in the moment, buy them, and love the way I look and feel.
If I want to take what little funds I have left before payday and buy Glow in the Dark nail polish, whiskey and a shirt with miniature cowboys on it, then I should! 
And NOT feel guilty about it!
So what if I only have $4.78 left in my account after?! It's my prerogative! (Insert little dance here)

Fashion and decoration are extensions of our personal creativity. It's a continuation of how we express ourselves, and self-expression is, in my humble opinion, the key to a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.
To semi-quote Thoreau, "It is one thing to paint a particular picture", but it is another to rock moccasin boots and cover one's apartment in wallpaper. "To affect the quality of the day. That is the highest of arts."

I understand the argument that the happiness that comes from buying things is fleeting, but aren't most things in life? And, I would argue that you're not buying things, you're buying confidence and investing in possibilities. 
With every party dress is the potential of a new experience, new people, new opportunities. With each new pair of shoes is the excitement of what adventures they'll walk through.

I guess what I'm saying is - do whatever it is that makes you happy. Even if society (or self-help books) tell you it's something you shouldn't do.
Unless it's Heroin. Don't mess with that shiz.
Stay away from white powders in general.
But yeah, other than that. Be happy. Buy pretty things.

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