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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Heart List 1 ~ 27 ~ 2013

The Documentary Happy, The 35 Best Ellen Moments, Wrapped Journals, Mario Rodriguez's site: Oro Continua, This AV Club article about 30 Rock's most influential episodes, Arcade Fire, Bait Footwear, iCloud, This Video Article
Jenny Lewis (Look for a Rilo Kiley B-Sides Album this year AND her score to the movie Very Good Girls), Americans for Responsible Solutions, Iris Apfel, Sephora's Bling It On Nail Art KitBRETON TOPS!!! 

This List of 63 Celebs' Yearbook Pics, Boboli Pizza Crust, Having a full Tank of Gas, These Tips for Morning Shortcuts, Obama's Inauguration (You still my bu, Beyonce), Ellen's YouTube Channel, Layer Cake Malbec

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