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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Somewhat Questionable Life Outlooks I Operate Under...

  • You don't need to do laundry until you're totally out of clean underpants
  • Buying coffee from your coffee shop every morning instead of making it at home is worth it
  • That when I correct people's grammar it's endearing and not super irritating
  • Honey Boo Boo won't grow up to be a reality-TV crack whore but will manage to develop self respect and lead a healthy adult life
  • Hot Pink Blush looks as good as I think it does
  • That if she only knew me, Tina Fey and I would definitely be besties
  • Fashion is a necessary form of self-expression
  • Whiskey is good for you
  • That somebody out there reads my Tweets
  • I don't look like an out of breath nerd when I'm running
  • Cake is a totally acceptable breakfast
  • Romantic Comedies set realistic expectations for real life behavior
  • They will stop teaching The Scarlett Letter to poor helpless high school students
  • I will someday own a Photobooth in my home
  • That celebrities are lying when they talk about their diets and exercise
  • Eventually I WILL do/make/cook/buy/see/build/wear everything on my pinterest boards
  • My future children will undoubtedly be stunningly beautiful, hilarious geniuses
  • When I give Homeless people money they truly do spend it on food
  • Facebook stalking is an accurate look at someone's life
  • Someday the Smiths and the Cure will both do reunion concerts and I will be there for both
  • I have untapped musical instrument abilities
  • Exercising = More Beer
  • That my ever growing collection of phobias and fears is healthy and normal
  • Ryan Gosling is as awesome as everything makes him seem
  • Calories don't exist on holidays
  • My "Outside The Box" Outfits really work
  • Optimistic Realism is accomplishable 
  • No one notices when I slip and fall in Yoga
  • I will not get caught for my piracy efforts
  • The real Pocahontas had a raccoon friend and John Smith and she really loved each other
  • I will grow out of my clumsiness at some point
  • If you wish and work hard enough, ANYTHING is possible
  • When I hear 'vegan...' its ok to not even listen to the rest of the food title

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