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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The 25 Best Things About Birthdays

As you may or may not know, my birthday is this Monday. 
I effing LOVE birthdays. 
There are truly few things in the world I love more than birthdays. Not just mine either -(although obviously those are awesome) but all birthdays. 
In our household we call it Birthday Chanukah, because we celebrate someone's birthday for the whole week before and after the actual day.  
In eager anticipation, here is my list of the 25 Best Things About Birthdays, accompanied by some pictures of birthdays past. 

1. Birthday Cake

2. Champagne
3. Finding the Perfect Party Outfit
4. Getting Cards in the Mail
5. Talking to all your friends & family 
6. Making a wish on Cake Candles
7. The Midnight Birthday Phone Call from your Bestie
8. Crowns, Tiaras & Party Hats

9. Spending a whole day doing whatever you want
10. Presents - both giving and receiving 
11. Eating your favorite foods
12. Taking Tons of Pictures
13. Cake and Ice Cream
14. Shopping
15. Surprises
16. Seeing all your best friends

17. Ice Cream Cake
18. Spiked Punch, Kegs and People treating you to drinks
19. Costume Parties
20. Party Games
21. That moment when the lights turn off, everyone starts singing, and you get the candle-lit cake

22. Party Favors
23. Streamers, Balloons and Bubble Machines
24. Wrapping Paper
25. Cup Cakes



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