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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heart List 8 ~ 26 ~ 2012

Fleet Foxes, WorkaholicsFunfetti Cake with Chocolate Frosting, Morning Coffee, Maude Apatow (Follow her on Twitter), Soft Worn Leather, Pilates
Pool Floats, Scrubs, Aziz Ansari's Face when he's happy on Parks and Recreation, Safety Pins, OXFORDS!, Yoga Pants, The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet
I Love Lucy, Smart Water Corsages, Hand-Knit Scarves, Rissotto, Babies Laughing, When a cop pulls up behind you & you think you're gonna get pulled over but you don't
And A Buncha Websites:
Life2pointoh, My Favorite Stranger (Such a cool idea!), The Post College Hangover Scathingly Brilliant, Julia Segal Time 

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