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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Nobody's perfect, and lately I've been thinking about some of my little quirks, and as I listed them in my head, for the sake of getting-to-know-you-ness, I decided I would confess to you readers some things about myself...

  • I double-dip at parties when no one's looking
  • I cry probably once a day
  • My Drivers License says I'm an inch & a half taller than I actually am
  • I've seen Shakespeare in Love literally 200 times...
  • I'm not an animal person
  • However naive it may be, I exist under the belief that everything will always be OK
  • While I'm sure it's great for others, to me, veganism is a form of masochism
  • When I order a low-calorie margarita at a restaurant that doesn't taste like it... I turn a blind eye
  • I like the smell of gasoline
  • I've been known to sneak in to a second movie without paying
  • I can eat a pint of ice cream or drink a bottle of champagne without a second thought
  • This is the first year since elementary school that I've worn shorts in public
  • At one point in my cooking career I melted spaghetti
  • I desperately want a gold nameplate necklace (yes, the kind they make at Wal-Mart)
  • I'm also on the hunt for the perfect fanny-pack
  • I don't believe in store-bought costumes
  • Few things in life make me happier than cake, presents and cheesy one-hit wonders

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