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Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Learned: From Singing HonkyTonk

Tonight I sang with a new band, a honkytonk band, and it was a freakin BLAST! We rocked, we rolled, we cut it up. It was way cool. 
And here's some stuff that I learned:
  • If it's to country music, dancing barefoot is acceptable
  • Sad heartbreaking experiences make some of the BEST songs
  • Victory Rolls hair never goes out of style

  • Sometimes when you like someone's ironic mustache... to them it's just a mustache...
  • The pain of high heels is totally worth it
  • 3 coolest band perks: drink tickets, drinks tickets, drink tickets 
  • 4th coolest band perk: getting to say "I'm in the band" as you walk past the bouncer
  • Musicians speak a different language & operate on a different scope of time
  • Always carry a pocket mirror and a pen
  • Spanx = Awesome
  • Thanks to some of my nervous handiwork, it's official: Asymmetrical bangs are SO IN
  • Smile through the fear
  • The cooler the guitarist, the less they have to face the audience
  • Being in a band is fucking awesome

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