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Friday, June 29, 2012

Life Discoveries V

  • Create Traditions
  • If you put some toothpaste inside your goggles, they won't fog up when you're swimming
  • 5 minutes of something is better than no minutes
  • Always pay attention to what other people in your field are trying - turn intimidation into inspiration
  • Think quickly, Talk slowly
  • Don't wear sunglasses inside
  • Shop/Eat/Drink Local
  • For good Karma points, offer to take pictures for people who are trying to take ones of themselves
  • Things that are good to spend the extra money on:
- A mattress
- A Car
- Alcohol
  • It's ok to carry a cagillion grocery items at once, being both precarious and awkward instead of just making two trips from the car
  • A piping hot shower usually makes things a whole lot better
  • Strike a balance between routine and newtine
  • Don't accept unacceptable behavior
  • Inscriptions inside gifted books are the best
  • Never be afraid to say:
- I'm sorry
- I don't know
- I need help
  • Appreciate frivolous things like bubbles, fake tattoos & sparklers
  • Treat yourself


  1. Your life discoveries are my favorite posts.

    I can really identify with creating traditions, five minutes is better than no minutes, and think quickly and talk slowly.

    1. Thank you so much, Stayseanne! I'm so glad you like them and feel you can identify with them! I'm enjoying making them a recurring column! Thanks again!