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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Your Own Stamp!

Hey There, Crafters!
It being the week of St. Patrick's day, I have been scouring the internet to find a groovy Irishy craft for today, but to no avail :/ Everything I found was specifically for children or not very cool or super complicated. SO I decided to just do something that I liked a lot and thought you guys would like too! AND if you so choose, you can apply it to St. Patty's!
Today's craft is a really neat one that's also cheap and easy! I found it on a blog I've talked to you about before: A Beautiful Mess. It's how to make foam stamps! You can make all kinds of shapes, and they can be used to stamp anything your heart desires!
- Craft foam (try for thicker)
- Little wood blocks
- Glue (wood glue or hot glue)
- Scissors & a permanent marker
- A Paintbrush & whatever kind of paint you wanna use! (Think fabric paint for clothes, wood paint for furniture, ink, etc)
How To Make It:
1. Draw an easy shape on the foam with permanent marker (think hearts or stars or clovers *holiday hint* etc! ALSO - keep in mind that when you stamp it the image will be an opposite direction, so make sure you reverse anything that will need it)
2. Cut your shape out of the foam and glue it to your block of wood, then make sure it's fully dried
~ Now you have your stamp!
To use it, brush your paint on to the stamp and run with it! Stamp all over the place! Make sure to wipe it off after use! 
*ALSO if you're painting on a piece of clothing, make sure you put some paper towels/cardboard/something in between layers so it doesn't bleed through to the other side!

You'll find yourself stamping everything from notebooks to dresses to walls to skateboards to cards! Enjoy!

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