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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dropping The Coal

           Most of you who have been following this blog probably know that I am very into quotes. In beautiful quotes I find comfort, unity and solidarity. I feel that a great quote can be an amazing summation of a thought or ideal. -  A singular helpful or articulate quote can be all one needs to create a mantra for hope and growth. 
           This week, I personally have discovered such a quote. It reads as follows:

           "Holding on to anger is like grasping a coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one that gets burned." ~ Buddha

           Now I am not personally fully interested (or quite frankly selfless enough right now) to follow Buddhism to any deep or serious degree. However, this quote resonated with me on a very deep and personal level, and I think it applies to anyone and everyone who deals with difficulties or people on a regular basis. 
           Although I myself am a generally low-key and jovial person, I consistently find myself dealing with people of confrontational conflicting ideologies and interests. Not wanting my altercations with these folk to allow myself to slip into a shadowy place of resentment or anger (as I assume most of us want to avoid - especially when trading ideas or opinions...), I have adopted the ideology of "dropping the coal."
           This quote successfully gave me motivation to remove myself from any kind of dark place, and to let that coal of anger go...

Someone cut me off in traffic? - Drop the coal.
Someone refusing to see my side because of a power differentiation? - Drop the coal. 
Someone arguing and asserting authority over me just because they can? - Drop the coal.

           Not to say that you should drop the coal in any and every situation - make sure you stand up for yourself!! However, I guess a lot of this does translate to picking your battles. I am currently trying to strike a decent chord between what is important in the moment, and what is important overall... 

           I am focusing on dropping the coal. Holding on to anger towards others only results in frustrating and infuriating yourself while depleting your positive energy supply - burning you. 
Drop the coal. 
Move on. 
Focus on you, not whatever you wanted to throw the coal at.  
Don't be mad at others, or the universe or your situation. 
Try to release yourself from anger. 
Drop the coal. 
           I know this all may sounds somewhat hippy-dippy - especially coming from someone who as of 24 hours ago was discussing the merits of GAK, but this is what I am focusing on today. 
Drop the coal. 
Focus on YOU.
Focus on the NOW. 
EVEN IF you are SO MAD that the ONLY way you can drop the coal is by letting it metaphorically BURN THROUGH your hand and fall through the remaining hole... try it.
Drop the coal.
I hope you won't be disappointed. 
Because the conclusion I've come to this week: MOST coals are worth dropping.

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