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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Conversation in Randomness

I have the flu.
Maybe its not the flu, but some kind of accursed virus has consumed my body weakening my wit and exhausting my spirit.
Its affecting my fluidity of thought. Lots of random things are flowing through my brain, but none super coherent, and none quite consequential enough to substantiate a full post. So today's post will be a semi nonsensical, highly tangential window into my fevered brain. Enjoy?

First: Chocolate is the best. I want chocolate ALL the time. Seriously. Probably ninety percent of my entire life I could be eating chocolate. And its not a girl thing, its just a chocolate-is-the-greatest-thing-ever-invented thing. It renders me weak against its savory delicious grip! Cup Cakes to Cake Pops, Haagen-Dazs to Choco Tacos, Sees to Snickers, I'm there. Chocolate cake is the best breakfast in the universe. Chocolate in general is the best thing in the universe. This isn't anything ground-breaking, and since this is fact and I know no one could possibly disagree with me, we can move on.

Am I the only one who wishes that people burst out into song the way they do in musicals? Because I do. Liking to think of myself as an endearing troubadour, I make up songs All. The. Time. Is it so wrong to wish people would join in and we could do a halfsie flash-mob/musical extravaganza at the drop of a hat?

Next: Meat. You always hear vegetarians' side of things. Inhumane treatment, growth hormones, blabidibla. I am here to argue for carnivorousness. In moderation, and with all the proper care, meat is good for you. Protein is essential for health and basic functioning. Humans have been living on game and hunting FOR.EVER. We are supposed to eat meat! BLTs are one of my reasons for living! I am all for everyone doing what is right for their conscious and their bodies, but leave everyone else alone! Let the meat eaters be! If I want to make burgers from grass-fed, happy safe cows, that's my prerogative. My juicy, delicious prerogative

Items of clothing I kinda sometimes wish were still standard wear: Hoop Skirts, Top Hats, Pantaloons, Zoot Suits, Crinolines, Fake Birds in our hair, Bonnets, Men in High Waist Pants (Gene Kelly, Yes Please)!!! Tiaras... 

Red Bull - lets get married. Let us wed and have winged babies with heart palpatations. We will never sleep and live short and jittery lives, but we will get SO much done. 

I want to be friends with Kate Middleton. I think we'd get along.

Finally: kindle, you won me over. 
At first I despised you. I thought you were responsible for the slow and untimely death of the book, one of my most beloved things in the whole entire universe. You were the symbol for the sad disintegration of the hand-held written word. You and email should start a club. When I got you as a Christmas present I stared at your box resentful and confused. But then I opened you. I loaded some books. I started to read... and now - you and I have bonded. We are friends. Good friends. I can carry you in my purse all the time, and get a new book ANY time I want it, immediately! You are SO easy (that's what she said), and I can take you anywhere. I will always love books SO much, but I have to hand it to you kindle: game well played.  

Tralalala... that's about it for today. I am off to drown myself in Thai Soup and put on my umpteenth episode of The Office. Have a beautiful day. 

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