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Sunday, January 15, 2012

**Welcome to Tarreyn Land**

Hello! Welcome To Tarreyn Land!

            My name is Tarreyn, and I couldn’t be happier you’ve joined me! I am a recent college graduate currently living in the Southwest, and this blog is an exciting new adventure for me!
            A self-proclaimed life-enthusiast, I love loving things. I believe in turning any occasion into a special one, making any object more fantastic, and appreciating all the incredible things the world has to offer. My entire life I have been crafty, kooky, cheerful and full of energy, and this blog is my attempt to channel all these things into a project that is super fun for me and others! Here I hope to appreciate and dive in to all kinds of ideas and hobbies covering a vast span of interests!
            Tarreyn Land is a term created by a good friend of mine that referred to the place in my head where I imagine and create things. The name snowballed, and became part of the vernacular among most of my friends and family. When it came time to come up with a name for this blog, this seemed to be the obvious choice. Thus, Tarreyn Land was registered.

            My goal is to post seven days a week, with each day focusing on a different wonderful topic! The basic breakdown will be as follows:

~ Music Monday: Kick off your week every Monday in audible style with a new playlist of some music I’m loving right now. Every week will have a collection of song recommendations covering a wide variety of styles and artists. Playlists will be posted here as well as on Spotify, where you can listen to them!

~ Buzz Day: Tuesday is “Buzz” day, with entertainment recommendations, reviews, discussions and articles. It will discuss books, events, movies, music, web, articles, and beyond!

~ Wednesday is “Musings”: What’s on my mind – reflections, contemplations, daydreams and observations covering everything from life quandaries, to a love of cupcakes to why Neil Diamond is a musical mastermind.

~ Thursday is for crafts: Being somewhat arts and crafts obsessed, each week I will have some new ideas and directions on crafts to make and enjoy! Beautify your environment and feed your itching inner artist with fun (and fairly inexpensive) arts and crafts ideas!

~ How-To…: Each Friday, expect a new instructional how-to post! Recipes, making things, constructing, creating, fashioning, producing! Impress your friends by knowing how to cook a mad stir-fry, edit in photoshop, tie a tie, or make a paper-mâché bust of a giraffe!

~ Saturday is free day! This day can be anything from a photo, to a quote, to an essay, to nothing at all (everybody needs a break sometimes).

~ Heart-List: I’m a list-maniac, and Sunday is list-crazy about all the things I’m into this week! A place to shine light on the often under-appreciated beauty of things like Entenmann's donuts, photo booths, or coffee table books.

            That about does it! Please enjoy your exploration of Tarreyn Land! Check in each morning for a new post, and I encourage everyone to become a member!

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