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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ribbon Wall Hanging

Welcome to Craft Day!
           My BFF has one of the best aesthetic eyes of anyone I’ve ever met. Since we were 13, she's always had the coolest projects and greatest hand-made decorations! Today’s craft is taken from her visually awesome brain! It is a wall-hanging made with multi-colored ribbons and decorative objects that is perfect for a blank wall or over a window!
(My bestie's groovy wall hanging with clear ornaments in her room)

- one or two wooden dowel rods (between 1/2" - 2"thick)
- A bunch of different ribbon (of varying color and thickness, but satin ribbon will yield the best results) 1-3 rolls each
- 15 - 30 ornaments/baubles (I used loose chandelier crystals I found at an antique shop for only a buck a piece!)

How to Make It:
1. Lay out the rods on a flat surface and arrange the order of your ribbons.
2. Tie the ribbon to the dowel, simple tight knot will suffice, leaving the desired amount of space between each ribbon (keep in mind, the closer your ribbons, the more you'll need to buy!) Cut the lengths of the ribbon as you go (this will vary based on how much of your wall you want/need to cover, so make sure you test out the length).  
3.  Hammer two small nails at a slight angle into the wall.  The nails should fall about two inches shorter then the rod on either side.   Place the rod with the ribbons so it is resting on the nails securely.
4.  Once the rods are in place, you can further adjust the lengths of your ribbons to suit the space (I would suggest doing all the adjustment when the piece is up so you don't cut anything too short...it's like giving a haircut, proceed with caution until this step).
5.  Now attach the ornaments! Tie them wherever you want.  Feel free to also use any other kind of light weight bauble you wish, maybe vintage keys? or sparkly brooches?  Whatever your heart desires.
6. Stare in awe of your awesomeness.

(Mine Hanging over my Kitchen Window!)    (Close up of the Sparkly Prisms!)

           As always, I encourage you to think outside the box! Use a bunch of different ribbons within a similar color palette, spray paint your wooden dowels a certain color, hang something fun from the ends! 
Have Fun!

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