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What's Up, Homeslice?

I'm Tarreyn.
(Pronounced like Karen with a T) 

Thanks for visiting. 

I'm a writer, performer, chocoholic, shopaholic, audiophile, bibliophile, iPhoneographer, caffeine addict, and overall Life Enthusiast. 

Tarreyn Land is my little corner of the internet that hopes to entertain. (Or at least help you procrastinate whatever it is you should be doing.)

I believe that every day is what you make of it, and that there is no such thing as too much Champagne. 
Or cheese.

Let's have a virtual cocktail together.

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Some Reviews for Tarreyn Land (because, ya know, self promotion):

"It's kinda sorta like a One-Woman Hello Giggles. With more use of the word fuck." - A drunk Me

"Inspiring. I can really relate to it. And the daily blogs are hilarious! " - A  Facebook fan (who may or may not be related to me)

"I just binged on your blog for so long that I feel the need to make a public confession about it. Any of my facebook friends (especially the ladies) who haven't been to Tarreyn Land should probably grab a mimosa (or five) right now and spend the day there. If you don't laugh out loud by the time you get through the "about" page, unfriend me." - A Facebook fan (Who I swear I didn't pay.)

"What's a blog?" - My grandmother

About Me:

I have a degree in Theatre & Communications from the U of A (yes, the one they're talking about in High School Musical), but my interests are as broad as my love of baked goods. 
(Feel free to send cupcakes.)

I like cocktails, comedy, coffee, crafts, cheeseburgers, concerts,  and other alliterated things. 
I'm a big Spice Girls-meets-Susan B. Anthony Feminist. 

I believe that the bigger the hair the better, that cooking is best in theory, and frivolity is a necessity for a happy life.

Other interests include Romantic Comedies, Peter Pan collars, Memoirs, Egg Rolls, Outdated Technology, Drinks Served in Coconuts, GChatting with my Best Friend, New Wave Music, Photobooths, Black Tights, Vacationing, Target Trips, and TV Binges.  

I moved to Los Angeles fall 2014 to pursue dreams and all that, but find myself spending a lot more time seeing improv shows and trying gourmet bratwurst restaurants. 

I work as a social media coordinator for Nickelodeon Animation which I LOVE. I'm also available for freelance brand management so hit that email link if you want to have fun making some Instagrams together. 

In my free time I continue to develop my shoe collection, drink wine, and train as an ice cream sommelier.  

That should sum it up, but if you have any questions/comments, feel free to email me at TarreynLand@gmail.com

Please explore the site and thanks for visiting! 
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