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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Jams

What up, Homies?

We're officially around the half-way mark of summer and I don't know about you guys, but mine has been flying by in a blast. 
So far Summer 2014 for me has meant a lot of pool time, bunches of books, a trip to the East Coast,  a ton of standup shows, and more (wine).

AND summer has also meant a ton of Muzzzzzic and happenings!!
The amazzzzinnngg Jenny Lewis dropped her new album today! (SO GOOD - go get it stat), Lana Del Rey's new (odd) Video is up, Alt-J Mixed Miley, and more! (I've discovered a new canned wine.) 

I decided to give you a little taste of my summer, along with a Summer Jams playlist! Enjoy it by the pool or driving around with the windows down. 


I took some song recommendations  from a recent Sad Girls Guide interview with Leisure-Enthusiast and all-around rad chick Marissa A. Ross

*NOTE #2: 
To follow more of my summer adventures, tune in to my Instagram, where I post daily happenings, adventures, and pictures of attractive inanimate objects. 

*NOTE #3: 
My other favorite parts of the summer so far have included: Building a collection of Hawaiian Print Baseball Caps, Birkenstock Cravings, A Mile-A-Day Running challenge, Canceling out my Running Challenge with Egg Rolls, Late night Dates with Jake, and trying to write more.

How is your summer going??


  1. This playlist is AWESOME. So perfect for summer! I love it! Thanks!

    1. Thank you!!! SO happy you like it! XOXO