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Monday, January 27, 2014

January Hike

Today I went on my first ever solo hike!
It was a beautiful day and it was SO exciting exploring the desert on my own. 
I listened to music, took pictures, had a picnic and read my book, and it was a total blast.
I decided to combine all elements of the adventure and share with you my photos, a playlist, and thoughts from the day! 
It's time for a new world of playlists around here, so here's my first one through GrooveShark! 
Lemme know what you guys think! 
January Jams by Tarreyn Van Slyke on Grooveshark

I think sometimes it's easy to forget how nice it can be to spend an afternoon with ourselves. 
It makes you appreciate having time with our own thoughts as well as the time we spend with others. 
I started reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt this weekend, and I am enthralled! 
I'm only 150 pages in (It's almost 800 pages!), but I am absolutely loving it so far! 
You'll hear some of it on my playlist, but I'm also in LOVE with Arcade Fire's album Reflektor from last year. I CAN'T WAIT to see them live in April! I'm loving all the synth and French influences in the album! Check it out! 
Speaking of music from last year, did you guys watch the Grammys?! 
HOW EFFING INCREDIBLE are Beyoncé and Jay-Z?! I love them.
Not to mention Daft punk is the best. 
* Note - I also found a handful of these songs from this playlist courtesy of Hello Giggles
No matter how long I live here, I am always amazed at how beautiful the scenery in the west is. The saguaros and different kinds of cactus all fascinate me, and I'm glad I could share some of my shots here. I also effing love that the weather here is so stunningly beautiful right now. 

Thanks for letting me share with you guys! What are you digging right now?

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