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Monday, September 16, 2013

Drunk Shopping Playlist

Happy Monday, Listeners!
Few things in life give me greater pleasure than drunk shopping.
It allows you to feel uninhibited and I almost always come out of it with something new and courageous. 
To accompany any good outing, drunk or otherwise, one needs good music.
Enter today's playlist.

1. Julian Velard "Joni"

2. Dresses "Blew My Mind"

3. High Highs "Flowers Bloom"

4. Theme Park "Wax"

5. Wild Belle "When It's Over"

6. Memoryhouse "Heirloom"

7. BOY "Waitress - Acoustic Version" (Lovvviinngg this band right now)

8. Dirty Gold "North"

9. Lucy Rose "Middle of the Bed"

10. The Jungle Giants "Mr. Polite"

11. Soley "Pretty Face"

12. King Charles "Ivory Road"

13. Austra "Home"

Check it out!

Hope your week's off to a great start!

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