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Friday, July 19, 2013

Self Portrait Challenge!

I've spent many-a-time telling you guys how much I love the girls over at A Beautiful Mess and all the fun things they're always up to.

Most recently, they created a 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge that I'm participating in! It's a perfect opportunity for me in a lot of ways - getting to know my camera better, integrating more style posts, spending time with friends, getting better with photoshop, sprucing up my style, gaining confidence and more! I'll be posting the pictures in bunches here every week, and some will show up on my instagram too if you wanna follow me (Username: Tarreyn)! 

Self-portraits are really nerve-wracking. 
The exact way I get nervous and awkward when someone makes intense eye contact with me is the same way I get in front of a camera when it's just me. It's hard to take it seriously or not make a funny face. It's also scary for me to take full body shots or think about posing. It might seem a little conceded to do 30 days of self-portraits, but it's actually the opposite - I'm hoping it will make me more confident. 

I am also scared and excited to fully dive in to working with my new camera. Although I have a nice one, I don't know tons about it. I'm very excited to see my progress from day 1 to day 30. I can only imagine there'll be a big difference. 

Off we go!!
Any tips??

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