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Monday, June 3, 2013

Too Darn Hot Playlist

Well, it's officially summer. 
Today, not only is it breaking a hundred degrees here, but my air conditioning is getting turned off for maintenance! Aaahhhh!!! 
I guess it's a good thing I've got some margaritas, a pool, and good music. 
Here's my first full-fledged summer mix for you.

1. Lindsey Zwarski "It's Too Hot For Words"

2. Daft Punk, Panda Bear "Doin' it Right"

3. James Brown "Cold Sweat"

4. Betty Who "Somebody Loves You"

5. Class Actress "Keep You"

6. Blood Diamonds "Phone Sex (feat. Grimes)"

7. Weezer "Surf Wax America"

8. Baths "Hall"

9. Classixx "All You're Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)"

10. Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl"

11. Drop City Yacht Club "Crickets"

12. Washed Out "Feel It All Around"

13. Ella Fitzgerald "Too Darn Hot"

14. Bibio "Lovers' Carvings"

15. Summer Camp "Better Off Without You"

Check out the whole playlist on Spotify! 

Enjoy these and stay cool!

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