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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Half & Half Playlist

Hey Listeners!
Sorry for my absence last week, I was hella busy all week with both work and personal craziness. I've been subsisting on gallons of coffee this whole past month - coffee with lots of sugar and half and half. Here are some new jams to enjoy over your morning cup o joe. And a big shout-out to my lovely friends who've supplied me with a lot of this new stuff.

1. Sean Nicholas Savage "Hawaiian Dancer" 

2. Hey Marseilles "Elegy"

3. Bastille "Pompeii"

4. Kodaline "High Hopes"

5. Dry the River "No Rest"

6. Yuna "Live Your Life"

7. Labyrinth Ear "Navy Light"

8. Purity Ring "Fineshrine"

9. Ben Browning "I Can't Say"

10. Woodkid, Bruno Bertoli "Iron"

11. Johnny Showcase "Chairman Mao"

12. Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps "Tanktop"

13. The 6ths "Falling Out Of Love (With You)"

14. Ben L'Oncle Soul "Little Sister"

15. Rainy Day Women "Sunshine"

16. First Aid Kit "Wolf"

Check out the Entire Playlist on Spotify!!!

Enjoy this tuneage and have a fabulous week!

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