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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sharing Is Caring

Do you guys enjoy this site? 
What'ya like about it?
Heart Lists? Playlists? Videos??? 
Recurring Columns? Anecdotes? Musings???

Then you should SHARE! 

I'm constantly trying to build my audience, expand viewership and get some notice out there in the deep internet ocean. And the best way I can make that happen is if YOU GUYS spread the word! 
Pimp me out! (Not in a hooker-y way...)

One "LIKE" or shared link on Facebook can lead to TONS of new people! 

Sharing a youtube link can mean new subscribers! 

The more hits, the more views, the more notice, the more viewership - the more reason I have to keep writing and creating stuff for you guys to enjoy! Help a sista out!

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There are SO many ways to get the word out - please help me build my viewership.
I'd like to thank all my amazing readers and subscribers for all of your interest and support already. 
You guys ROCK!

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